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recommend a computer

peanutpeanut Posts: 1,373
edited July 2008 in Workshop
I'm well out of touch with new stuff (mine is 7 years old )
I want something with huge readout size cos I can't wear reading glasses whilst riding.
Prefer something in white but must be wireless .
I'd like to be able to transfer it to another bike as well.

I love PC techy stuff so don't mind if you can record and download to PC would be good but not essential.
What can you recommend please?


  • slimreaperslimreaper Posts: 738
    Depends on how much you want to spend and what features you want.
    I got a Polar CS400 earlier in the year. They are not cheap at about £200 but it is great. Numbers are big enough to see, lots of features, and good software for PC download with graphs and stuff. It has wireless speed, HRM and cadence plus loads of other stuff.
    The Polar CS200 has a few less features but you can get it for about £110 at Wiggle.
    Hope this helps.
  • peanutpeanut Posts: 1,373
    thanks Andy but I was looking to get something a bit more `up-market' :wink:
  • slimreaperslimreaper Posts: 738
    You could always strap a laptop to yuor bars :lol:
  • peanutpeanut Posts: 1,373
    :shock: ................................................... :lol::lol:
    don't be silly would get in the way on the bars. :roll:

    I could put it on the helmet though :wink:
  • How about garmin edge 605/705-you can use it to navigate aswell! :D
  • peanutpeanut Posts: 1,373
    Mmm very nice but I need to develop a bit of fitness first. I doubt I'd get far enough to use a gps :cry:
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