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nevets84nevets84 Posts: 39
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This may be a dumb question. to get to the fun stuff i ride on dusty man made trails for about 6 miles. As i was fitting a new brake i noticed the rear cassette and mec is covered in grit. What is the best way to clean this, and how often should i do it??



  • taff_94taff_94 Posts: 33

    If you look on any good sites you can buy a cassete cleaner, I bought one today from halfords made by Park tool for £3.

    Heres a link>>>> ... delID=7212

    Got it cheaper in halfords and didnt have to pay for postage :D ,
    As for how often i am going to reccomend every 2 rides but i am willing to be told i am wrong.

  • kr1skr1s Posts: 125
    I clean with a muc off chain doctor - mainly ride pennines and peaks so try to clean/wipe and relube every ride - dont forget that the grit in your chain is wearing it away! Happy cleaning :D
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