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im due to do my a sportive on sunday and i guess it will be raining all the time, although its supposed to be showers like today which hasnt stopped raining yet, wrong forecast again, what do most wear when its raining for more then 4 hrs ive got a ron hill rain coat but i will also have shorts on and i dont want to wear waterproof leggings as ill get too hot guess i will just have to get soaked from waist down, but might get cold half way round, next time i enter a sportive im going to leave it until last minute to enter then weather might be ok


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    I went out in the rain this morning, I considered turning around and go back, but I carried on - the first few miles weren't too nice, but after that it was fine and didn't notice the rain.

    I just had my normal shorts and jersey+armwarmers with a rain jacket over the top.
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    It's important to dress for the weather, and IMO it's better to be too warm, because you can at least take stuff off, than too cold.

    I did the Dave Lloyd Mega Challenge last week and it was wet at the start and rained pretty hard for two hours in the middle. I guess max temperature was around 16, although the sun did come out later.

    I had leg warmers and a thin long sleeved jersey on top, and could have done with some light shoe covers. I didn't need long gloves and I didn't overheat, even when the sun came out: and
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    Went out this morning wearing shorts + leg warmers, s/s jersey with arm warmers and a gilet and neoprone overshoes. Started out horribly, rained, very almost just went home. But with a bit of perseverance the weather improved and managed 4 hours in total. Just persevere and you might be rewarded. Worst comes to the worst and you get to boast about how hard you really are.

    If you're worried about overheating, take knee warmers that keep you warm in the rain, waterproof (thin) overshoes and arm warmers. Then just shed things as you gradually heat up.
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    Went out in breathable night vision top and shorts today, Got a bit sweaty under my top but my fingers froze :cry: Praying it warms up for the Rydale Rumble. If in doubt I'd always error on the warm side.

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    Did the Three Counties Challenge today, rained on and off for most of the day. Set off with Helly Hansen long sleeve base, summer shirt, waterproof jacket (sort of water proof), shorts and overshoes. After about 20 miles it stopped raining so took off the jacket, even though it rained again I did not put the waterproof back on again and was comfortable enough.