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Am I the only one who gets really angry...

Johnny NapalmJohnny Napalm Posts: 1,458
edited July 2008 in MTB general
...with the British weather? :x

I don't even expect sunshine...I'm more than happy to settle for just dry weather. It doesn't have to be St. Tropez!

I ride in all types of weather, all year round, but it really pisses me off that all I seem to be doing is riding in wet, muddy conditions. God forbid we should have dry terrain to enjoy.

Anyway, rant over...I'll go get the bike ready!
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  • KonaMikeKonaMike Posts: 805
    I know what you mean,as much as I love a nice muddy ride I also long for the fast,dusty Trails of summer !!
    I think I have had one dry run at my local trail this year,the rest have been either partly wet or complete mud bog :(
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Eh? you mean there's weather that isn't wet? bollorcks, I don't believe you, stay off the mushrooms.
  • Johnny NapalmJohnny Napalm Posts: 1,458
    Eh? you mean there's weather that isn't wet?

    It's a rumour I heard! :shock:
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  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    I actually think the weather has been better this year than last, even took the rear mudguard off the hardtail a couple of weeks ago (put it back on pretty sharpish last week after a particulalrly nasty wet bottom ride). Maybe I just don't expect very much from the weather :(

    What really p*sses me off though is the weather forecasting, the BBC do a five day forecast which isn't worth the monitor I view it on, it's never right. Even the hour by hour forecasts are pretty poor, I've even seen them faill to get the weather right several hours ago (why do they include historcal weather in the forecasts, I thought it was supposed t be a forecast.) :evil: .
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    stumpyjon wrote:
    I actually think the weather has been better this year than last
    I think you've just won the "well, that goes without saying" award for the year :lol:
  • timeless1timeless1 Posts: 28
    Just as I was about to go out it lashes down even though its still sunny :x
  • obriendsobriends Posts: 69
    Not that I want to rub it in but I just had a superb dry ride. Bike is as clean as when I started, you must be living in the wrong part of the country :D

    So hot so dry it was just too much
    (Why did I do that when I knew it was going to hurt)
  • dave_hilldave_hill Posts: 3,877
    I've had some cracking rides this year. And who cares about the weather anyway? If it rains you're only going to get wet, and you only get wet once!
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  • Chaka PingChaka Ping Posts: 1,451
    I try to treat cold and wet as the norm, then anything better than that is a bonus.

    TOuch wood, I've had really good luck this summer so far though.
  • Johnny NapalmJohnny Napalm Posts: 1,458
    edited July 2008
    Just come back from a great ride in Wharncliffe, with my mate, and we didn't see any other bikes there at all...and we were there a few hours.

    Looks like the weather has kept everyone in the house.
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  • AmosAmos Posts: 438
    Had blazing sunshine here all day today. I'm heading out tomorrow when its due to rain :?
  • sparrowlegs78sparrowlegs78 Posts: 2,583
    I don't mind rain with having to work outside in it, but i do jib at actually going out in it for fun these days, if it starts precipitating whilst i'm out i'll just carry on regardless :lol:
  • clarksonclarkson Posts: 1,641
    if i'm honest, its been fairly dry here on the south coast for quite some time...*cue huge torrent of rain...and abuse. :wink:
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  • Bones!!Bones!! Posts: 83
    We rode Fort Bill in May, beautiful weather, even managed to get a sunburn :lol:

    Dave_Hill nailed it when he said you only get wet once!

    Just get on with it. :D
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  • dunkerdunker Posts: 1,503
    well it's july, here comes the wind and rain, pah! :( oh well june was nice though yeah a bit windy overall but no gusts over 40mph here down south. not like july so far, rain and near gale force gusts so far doh.
  • Johnny NapalmJohnny Napalm Posts: 1,458
    you only get wet once!

    You're missing the point. I don't mind getting wet, and as I said, I ride in all weather...all year round. Bad weather doesn't keep me in the house. If I did mind getting wet, I wouldn't be out on the bike all year round.

    It's like I tell my mate, "If you're waiting for nice weather (UK) in order to take the bike out, then you'll never get out." I have to push him to get him out if it's only slightly wet.

    You can't be a 'fair-weather' cyclist in this country and expect to ride often.

    My point is, every now and then, I would like to have some dry terrain to ride...that's all. It's nice to have that 'flow' that dry weather offers. It just seems to be constantly wet here. Mind you, I do live in the North! :?

    I'll be out again later today, and you guessed's already raining!
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  • as the old sayings go, if it aint precipitating I aint participaiting, if it aint raining it aint training etc, etc.

    just get out there you big girls. summer is for wimps.
  • starsky007starsky007 Posts: 185
    I went out yesterday afternoon in the forest of dean where i live, started off very nice 2 hrs later and 15 miles done i was soaked, but i carred on anyway got cooled down by the rain and managed a nice 32 miles in 3 1/2 hrs. me and my bike looked like we had been dragged through a river and had a mud bath. but it was all good fun. :D
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  • SikoraSikora Posts: 519
    I don't mind getting wet and muddy, but the trails are always alot more fun to ride when they're dry.
  • AmosAmos Posts: 438
    Trails just don't flow as well in the wet. I got soaked this morning, at least the stinger nettles didn't seem as bad :shock:
  • batch78batch78 Posts: 1,320
    Not had to wash my bike for months the trails have been so dry, might need a light rinse off now as it did rain this morning, but being single again I could waste all the time I wanted and waited till about half 3 before going out, very nice. 8)
  • Surf-MattSurf-Matt Posts: 5,952
    It does mean the surf has been unusually good for July though :lol::lol::lol:
  • _Ferret__Ferret_ Posts: 660
    Don't want to brag but we've had 30-40°C over here over the last few weeks.
    So hot that you get a ridiculous sunburn on your arms and if you're like me and wear full finger gloves, those little handies stay white as snow - not so cool when you look like a mime all the time.

    It started drizzling yesterday and everyone got depressed and started moaning about the rain. I on the otherhand went out on my bike much to the disgust of my girlfriend...

    Rain is wicked, seperated the men form the boys.
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  • indysmithindysmith Posts: 276
    To be honest, I just don't enjoy cycling in bad weather. My body doesn't function so well physically, there is no flow to the ride, it's cold and uncomfortable, everything looks depressing, mud clogs up the bike, everything's slower, slipperier and generally less fun.Think I might end up just giving up cycling when I don't want to. :(
  • delcoldelcol Posts: 2,848
    what pooooooooops me is all week mon to fri its fine sat it's blowing a gale and peeeing down so is sunday,. the only two days i get off and a chance to ride and it's censored .. still wnet out though and had fun.
  • jrichjrich Posts: 278
    This is why they invented the annual migration to la France! Escape the lovely British weather and come to the Alps avec moi.

    Having said that, from what I've heard its even worse over there right now. Apparently the braking bumps on Pleney have reached the same sort of proportions as beached whales.
  • mcbazzamcbazza Posts: 251
    jrich wrote:
    Having said that, from what I've heard its even worse over there right now. Apparently the braking bumps on Pleney have reached the same sort of proportions as beached whales.
    censored ! That was the one thing I didn't like last year - the 'washboard' effect on the berms. And, is one the reasons I'm looking to go more plush on my front forx before I leave.

    I'm not over there until last week in Aug think we return the week before the lifts start to close!

    Couldn't go earlier, I'm recovering from an achilles tendon rupture, and my best bud is recovering from ankle surgery!
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  • Rich HcpRich Hcp Posts: 1,355
    It's been dry, until this weekend, but it's cold!

    Had to wear long sleeved top on Sunday!

    Its supposed to be July!

    Giving it Large
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Actually, Pleney is fine so far (just come back from a week in Les Gets. They're pretty on the ball when it comes to repairing braking bumps this year it seems, although the Les Gets trails are a bit knackered doen at the bottom.

    As for
    This is why they invented the annual migration to la France! Escape the lovely British weather and come to the Alps avec moi.
    well, erm, yeah. On thursady (or saturday, i forget!) we had the worst rain I've ever seen in my life (and that's coming from a Welshman!) our tent was actually under water, trees had fallen over the road everywhere and it was a total mess!

    God bless the crappy, drizzly rain of the UK!
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