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Taking 3 bikes on a train - Leeds to Liverpool

hairy_boyhairy_boy Posts: 345
edited July 2008 in MTB general

3 of us would love to do the Liverpool to Leeds Canal ride.

I live at Leeds but thought doing it from Liverpool to Leeds would be more enjoyable - wind behind us we hope !

Anyway, I've had a quick look online at train tickets and it looks like we can go from Leeds to Liverpool for £9 each (September) which seems pretty good.

So, can anyone give me any advice about taking our 3 bikes onto the train, is this possible and where would we put them ? would they be secure ? oh, and of course, is there likely to be a charge ?


  • DaxDax Posts: 16
    I looked in to this and phoned Leeds station.
    I was told that there is a max of 2 bikes per train and that you couldn’t book it was just first come first served.
    On the plus side they also said that there was no extra charge.
  • hairy_boyhairy_boy Posts: 345
    Yeh, I've had a better look and came across this document: ... yTrain.pdf

    First Transpennine only have 2 cycle spaces per train.

    Back to the drawing board then - need to find a man with a van near Wetherby !
  • andyturner28andyturner28 Posts: 1,225
    i have taken my bike on the train quite a few times recently and have just lent it against the opposite door, and just move it when it's in the way. When we did the South Downs Way a few weeks ago we had 4 bikes, plus another 5 other peoples bikes in 2 carages and nobody complained, even the ticket guy who could only just squeeze past them.
  • Chaka PingChaka Ping Posts: 1,451
    Isn't there a train every half-hour or less from Leeds to Liverpool anyway?

    Can't one of you go ahead/behind, if you want to do it all legit.
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