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GT Avalanche 1.0 disc Vs Rockhopper

tobciocctobciocc Posts: 276
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I'm geting in a bit of a stew over this, I was going to buy the Rockhopper in large today but happened to see the GT and fell in love with it. The trouble is, as discussed in a previous thread, I can't work out the sizing. I sat on the large RH and it felt o.k, maybe a bit short. The large GT is even shorter. Should I look at the XL GT, I'm between 6.2 and 6.3 and my inside leg is 35. I'm a bit clueless as I've been a serious roadie for years and the postion seems more of an exact science. My current race bike (road) has a 59 c-c top tube with a 130 stem. Sorry for the long winded-ness of this
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  • BlackSpurBlackSpur Posts: 4,228
    I'm just under 6ft and pushing the limits on a medium GT. This would seem to suggest you would want a L, but being a roadie you may prefer the extra rech of an XL.

    In conclusion - test them! The GT has a naturally upright position.
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    Some manufacturers measure their frames differently, I think Specialized measure from the centre of the BB to the top of the seat tube. Other manufacturers measure from the BB to where the top tube joins the seat tube. Also geometry makes a big difference, I think the Rockhopper has a longer top tube than the GT giving it a more stretched feel, the GT feeling more upright. Also you will need more wedding tackle clearance than a road bike, most like at least 2" If your not sure probably best to try as many sizes as poss & go with what feels most comfortable
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