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Newbie needing advice please - Gary Fisher KaiTai Dual Sport

dalespitfiredalespitfire Posts: 3
edited July 2008 in MTB buying advice
Evenin' all :D

Moving house soon and I'll be within bike commuting distance to work - yay!

Been searching and searching for bikes for the last couple of weeks and sent myself nearly insane!!

I have roughly £300-£350 (absolute max!!) to spend and had narrowed down to the following:

Spesh Hardrock Pro - £350
GT Avalanche 3.0 - £300
Felt Q620 - £310

All available at J E James......

Then I accidentaly came across this while doing a search on the site:

It basically seems to be exactly what I am after and my local shop Lex's in Penistone will discount it to £350.

I wont de doing any serious off roading at all, mainly all Trans Pennine Trail tow path type stuff. And generally any other riding will be country lane stuff.

So any one any experience of this or opinions?

Thanks in advance for any help.


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    It looks like a decent bet for the riding you suggest - though I would try it out.

    Also look at the Giant FCR series, and GT ZUM.
  • Thanks for that mate

    Checked out the others online and still prefer the Fisher.

    Would you say the Kaitai is a better specced bike than the other listed?

    Lex's also have the Trek 4500, and that also seems to be a nice spec. I assume they'll do the same discount on that too and wondered whether that might suit with a slightly slicker set of tyres?

    Reckon the takeover will happen any time soon then supersonic!?
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