Sizing on Giant SCR 4.0

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I have just received my new bike from Wheelies through the Cycle to Work Scheme but unfortunately the bike seems too big.

I have tried to convince myself that it is OK, as I really do not want the hassle of sending it back, but I have tested the standover height, and there is no clearance what so ever.

I requested the 58.5cm frame as I am just over 5.11 and have an inside leg of 32.

Will the next frame down(55.5) be OK, or do I need to go smaller than that(50 next size down from 55.5).


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    Well I have a Giant and find it miles too big. I'm 5'11 and ordered the same size as you - luckily I picked up another bike a few weeks ago which fits perfectly - and its a 53cm frame. Go for 53 - 56cm - I wouldn't go higher.
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    Im 6ft with 32" inside leg and i have and SCR3 size Large not sure what that is in cm. Fits me

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  • The 58.5cm is XL, so it looks like the L is 55.5cm, I think I'll go for that one.

    Don't want the hassle of sending the bike back, but it definately feels too big.

    Thanks for all of your replies.
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    I am 5' 10'' and have a Giant SCR4 size medium; it fits fine.
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    The frame is a compact frame so you will need a smaller size than normal. The XL is designed for riders 6'4 - 6'7. It is a huge bike. I am 6'5 and ride one. Other have made their suggestions and they seem about right. There is a little room to play but you definately need to send the XL back.

    Hope you get it sorted and enjoy your Giant as much as all other Giant riders seem to.
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    regarding bike sizes :

    giant have a sizing guide on their website, and compacts are different to the norm

    bike shops in my experience always seem to recommend a bike that's too big

    you can make a small bike bigger ( within reason) but you can't make a big bike smaller

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  • I have checked out the Giant website and the ideal size is not available in this series.

    Ideally 5.11 requires a M/L 5.10-6.00

    M(5.7-5.9) or L(6.0-6.3) are the only sizes close to the 5.11 mark.

    Going of the previous reply would you recommend the M or L.

    A previous reply states same inside leg as myself with a L which fits him fine but slight differnce in height 6.0 as opposed to my 5.11.

    Very confused, don't want to order wrong size again.

    Any help greatly appreciated.
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    I am 5ft 11 and have the Medium SCR3 (55cm) and it fits me fine.
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    Hi, i am 5'10 with shorter legs than you, i would need the 50cm Medium size.
    You need the 55.5cm Large.
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    Just for the record: I have SCR 1.0, I am 5,10, 32 inside leg, (blue eyes... haha).... I have a medium and its fine. If its a toss up between Med & Large, go for the Medium, thats what I did.
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    Just over 5'9 here and i have a medium frame. Horizontal top tube is 55 cm , seat tube from centre of BB to top is 50 cm and the bike is fine for me standover wise. I used a 1cm shorter stem to adjust reach which was a tad stretched originally.
  • Campy King
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    You need an M/L or an M. I would recommend trying whichever before you buy though. Personally I would go for an M with more seatpost showing and a longer (120+ stem). As people have said the XL needs to go back!
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    I am test riding a SCR2.0 tomorrow. Am around 5'10" with 30 inch inside leg (according to trousers). The size they have is 55.5 cm. When I went to look at a Trek 1.7, I sat on a 56 cm frame bike and that was too big. Next size down is 50 cm tho which I would have thought is too small.
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    I am sure there is an M/L size around 53.5 that Giant do..
  • mivecboy
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    If there is they dont list it. Which is daft.
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    42, 46.5, 50, 55.5 and 58.5cm should cover most people. 53.5cm is only available on the TCR range.

    There's no substitute for going to a shop and having a sit (or preferably a ride) to work out which is best. Don't necessarily take the shop staff's word for it. Some are great, others just want to close the sale.

    BTW it's pointless comparing numbers between brands as they all use different geometry.
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