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hope help!!

nevets84nevets84 Posts: 39
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I have just bought and fitted a pair of Hope mono M4's, this is my fist flurry with hydraulic disk brakes. The brakes don't seem all that sharp, even when i pull the leaver hard, i can still rock the bike back and forth. I was told by the guy in the shop that the brakes were already bled. Will the brakes get sharper after a few rides, or do i need to rebleed?


  • SplasherSplasher Posts: 1,528
    You need to bed the pads in by riding fast and braking hard a dozen times or so
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  • gs3gs3 Posts: 249
    You'll have to bed the pads in.
    Lots of ways to do this but this is how I do it.

    1. Find a nice long slope - not too steep.
    2. Fill a bottle with water and place at bottom of slope.
    3. Ride down slope whilst holding ONE brake on gently (you're not trying to stop by doing this only generate some heat in the pads and disc)
    4. At bottom of slope spray water onto pads and disc to cool (should sizzle nicely)
    5. Repeat about 4-5 times per brake
    6. Finally (as posted above) brake hard from speed using both brakes about 4-5 times


    I run Mono M4's and this method has never failed when I've had to fit new pads or discs.

    Other methods include
    -using Cola instead of water - it does work - just rinse well afterwards.
    -using mud on disc
    -if you're feeling particularly fit you can click into the granny gear and pedal instead of using a nice slope (good workout from this one)

    Hope this helps.

  • can i advise against the coke it will make your brakes bite really well but it ruins all modulation and makes them horrificly noisy . . . sorry to be negative but i tried it and found it more annoying than usefull, my advise just go for a nice long downhill and before u know it they will be sorted

  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    Never add anything to the surface of the brakes.

    Just use them.
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