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Turbo training with an MTB

rob13rob13 Posts: 430
edited December 2008 in Health, fitness & training
Guys, Im after some advice in using Trainers with MTBs. Firstly is it possible/beneficial?

The reason I ask is that I snapped my femur and wrist and need to get back onto a bike to regain fitness however due to the injuries (and the early stage of rehab) I dont want to be taking the bike on trails or riding it out on the road. Also thought it would be great to use during winter nights for fitness, although didnt want to buy a road bike


  • chriskemptonchriskempton Posts: 1,245
    Yes you can.

    My Tacx Satori accepts smaller 26" MTB wheels as well as 700c road wheels, so would work fine. I'd suggest you made sure of this for the specific model before you buy.

    You'd also need a slick tyre for the rear, or the shaking and noise from nobbies would be an irritant.

    I'd definitely recommend a riser (a block that raises the front wheel level with the rear in the trainer) to keep a comfortable position. You might also need to buy a narrower front tyre to accommodate this though.

    And you'll need an iPod or you'll give up in 10 minutes if you're not made of very strong stuff.
  • You can also get a turbo trainer that works on the rims - it means you don't have to change the wheel.

    The only one I found tho was the MINOURA ERDA-850 WITH REMOTE (BLUE) and here is somewhere selling it : ... goryID=121

    I think you would find it helpful - it may be worth combining with a "spinning" dvd to try and be more disciplined.

    Hope you mend soon and are able to get out on the real thing!

  • rob13rob13 Posts: 430
    Thanks guys, ill look into that then. Thanks for the tips.

    What type of trainer is best as i notice there are different forms of resistance?
  • CheshleyCheshley Posts: 1,448
    Personally, I've thought about getting a trainer for a while but I saw this at Argos: ... 555660.htm

    and bought one of them instead. I know it's not the same as being on your own bike and all that but as chriskempton says: "you'll need an iPod or you'll give up in 10 minutes if you're not made of very strong stuff"....... I have the bike set up in front of the tv and stick a DVD on. My other half doesn't mind this but would object strongly if I started bringing the bike into the front room!!!!!!!!!
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  • NikBNikB Posts: 243
    I have one of the cycleops ones and all I've had to do is put a slick rear tyre on. Works great when I can't get out in the daytime in winter.
  • rob13rob13 Posts: 430
    Ive decided that ill get a slick tyre to add to the bike whilst im training. Ive been told by the physio to get myself on a static bike as much as possible to rectify the muscle imbalance that i have between my legs.

    Im looking at the Cycleops Fluid 2 trainer as it seems to get pretty decent reviews but just interested in finding out if anyone else can recommend a better trainer for the price. Im looking for the best road feel i can get without going out on the road!
  • rob13rob13 Posts: 430
    bought the Fluid2 trainer but now want a wireless computer which I can use with it. I quite like the idea of getting a computer to measure cadence but not sure what to buy. Was all set to buy the Cateye Strada Cadence until I found it was wired
  • NikBNikB Posts: 243
    Several of the VDO ones have an option to measure cadence but you have to buy the extra sensor.
  • taliesyntaliesyn Posts: 87
    Rim drive trainers will not work with disc specific rims either, so you need a rim with a flat braking surface on it if you're thinking of one of those :)
  • Travis_MTravis_M Posts: 62
    I have a Minoura Rim trainer, it was fine, until I changed my tyres... the wall of the tyres now protude, and the small wheels which go onto the Rim rub against the tyre..... so I just used my misses bike.
    Saves me worrying about the sweat on mine for the time being.

    Hope you heal quick enough to get back out
  • rob13rob13 Posts: 430
    The trainer was delivered last week and Ive been getting on it daily and just increasing the time im on it minute a day. Because im trying to build up muscle around a very weakened leg, I just started with 10 minutes as advised by the physio and Im just doing a steady rate. Got to say, for not having a trainer before, its far better than any exercise bike ive used in the past. Feels fairly "real". Not had chnace to put hte power down on it purely because I cant but look forward to seeing what the results might be like in a months time
  • Rob,
    how art you getting on with the MTB on a static trainer?

    Was thinking of getting one myself.

  • I got a Cycleops Magneto trainer and the Continental trainer specific tyre last year to use in the depths of winter, put the tyre on an old wheel. I raise the front end on a block of wood, use a desk fan pointed at your head to keep you from overheating, open a window and put the heater on low. Get an old strip of carpet under the bike for oil/sweat dripping. Have a nice cold pint of water at hand. I use a heart monitor but set the bleeper on it and rotate it on the bars so not constantly watching it or the minutes, and a towel draped on the bars helps....
    For motivation I've recorded a lot of dance tunes off of MTV Dance(mainly upbeat stuff with girls frolicking in bras and pants! yee ha! :wink: ), and burnt them on to a DVD which is better at keeping me there for an hour than some dorky American Time Trial DVD that came with the trainer... :lol:
    I didn't do much interval/out of the seat stuff last year, because of the forks ,but this year have some new ones which have lockout so won't be pogoing up and down hopefully will make this bearable!!!
    They're not boring once you learn to like them and get in "the zone"...better than sliding about on ice in the dark, avoiding drink drivers around Xmas! :shock:
  • Spider987Spider987 Posts: 189
    Does anyone have a reccomendation for these for about £115?
  • I too have the Cycleops Magneto and Continental Trainer Tyre. Have only had it a week or so but so far so good. Seems a good bit of kit.
  • thewaiterthewaiter Posts: 110
    bumping the thread, any further input ?


  • Well, I decided not to go with my MTB after all. Instead I got an old racing bike from Freecycle, put on the Continental tyre and all is well. Have only done three short-ish sessions (25 mins) but very pleased with the Magneto. I'm sure it'll get a lot of use over the winter months.
  • hi guys

    I wanna get a turbo trainer for the winter months, but i can't be bothered to get a slick tire and change this onto my current bike - i was wondering how bad it is with a nobbly tire (kenda nevegal)?couldn't i just make the nobbly tire slick with a bit of home diy and some cardbord?
  • Dan67Dan67 Posts: 658
    I would have thought the inertia of the wheel would just throw the cardboard off. Its not that much trouble to change tyres every once in a while is it? also with CRC doing some stuppid deals on cheap tyre it wont cost much either
  • yeh, spose your right! I'll get myself a slick mtb tire. I'm just a lazy sod. Thanks for the push.
  • I`m using the Continental Home trainer tyre, its very quiet and is wearing well too. How long you guys riding for??? I`m doin 2-3 times a week and 30 min sessions. Using cadence as a guide and warming up and down for 5 mins each end at 65rpm. I then use the highest gear on mountain bike with pre load around 1/3 setting and doin intervals of 2-3mins at 85-110 rpm. Does get a little boring so I-pod goes on although have just bought a trainin DVD that`s a real life Crit race but shows power output and cadence which you should stick too, will let you know how this goes.
  • Am about to order a Tacx Sirius TT for use with my MTB....

    CRC are selling Michelin City (in stock) and Schwalbe Speed Cruiser (out of stock) slicks for under £10. Would these tyres be suitable for use on the trainer, being nice and cheap??!!
  • I've been back on mine after the weather turned bad last week, though i do prefer a night ride with my smart halogens on country roads to the TT, but when icy it's not worth the risk. On the TT I warm up for 5 mins then do an hour constant at 88-90rpm with the heart rate at about 150bpm (largest chainring, 5th at the back (mid cassette))
    It's good because there is no freewheeling, if you need to get off the seat drop it on to the smallest rear sprocket and get up and do this until the legs burn then sit down again and shift back to 5th!
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