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any bianchi via nirone riders here ?

daddypooksdaddypooks Posts: 6
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trying to decide which bike to get and would like to hear any feed back regarding these frames . theres the alu and the alu/ carbon .

anyone experienced both ? if so , can you really tell a difference ?



  • moorehenmoorehen Posts: 95
    Hi, I've just bought the alu frame (carbon forks) and am very happy. Not to agressive and very comfortable. Also happens to look very nice as well!!

    I've not ridden the one with the carbon stays but I can't imagine it makes a huge difference. Am happy to be corrected by more experienced riders though!
  • hi moorehen .
    glad you are happy with yours . what groupset did you go with and are you happy with that ?

    like you , i cant imagine carbon seat stays would make that much difference but am interested to know .
  • i got the base level black via nirone with sora as its my first road bike. im super happy with it. not too aggressive and perfect for my fast commutes around london town. I have also upgraded the wheels and made it look a bit more bling.

    super bikes for comfort tho, i did 60 miles easily on it for L2B and i could have rode another 20! :-)
  • stueycstueyc Posts: 518
    what wheels you upgrade to gem?
    make a big difference?
  • i got rodi airline evo's in white for about £140.

    i think they quite bombproof, iv hammered them for about 800 miles and they seem fine. they also look very nice which is an added bonus! they are certainly not the lightest wheels out there but prob comparable with other budget wheelsets.... here is a pic of them with how my bike used to look, its changed a bit now, its all black and white and iv fiddled around with the position of seat/bars etc. I also have white bartape now :-)

  • stueycstueyc Posts: 518
    very nice
  • moorehenmoorehen Posts: 95
    daddypooks wrote:
    hi moorehen .
    glad you are happy with yours . what groupset did you go with and are you happy with that ?

    like you , i cant imagine carbon seat stays would make that much difference but am interested to know .

    I got the Sora version, ummed and ahhed for ages over the Campag but rode them back to back twice and preferred the Sora. Personal preference at the end of the day but I'm really happ with my decision.

    If you want to see some pics there are some here:
  • jeepiejeepie Posts: 495
    Yeah - I've got one of these. Got the alu frame with the carbon forks. Celeste colour.

    Have 105 groupset - fancy me! At the time - was and still am pretty noob - I thought that the 105 was actually better in terms of performance, but have since read that it's just lighter.....not sure if anyone more experienced than I can confirm this. But it seemed like a good idea at the time.

    The only slight issue I've had is with rattling in the rear brake lever. I think this is cos the brakes it comes with a pretty dire and get water in. Planning to upgrade the brakes to Shimano Ultegra. I would ask the guy about the brakes as I think this might be a weak point....

    Having said that bottom line is I got fitted for the bike. Fits my like a glove and I am amazingly happy with it. It's a beauty. Went for a lovely 42 miler yesterday eve in the sun!
  • jon208jon208 Posts: 335
    Hi, I've got an Alu/Carbon Via Nirone with the Veloce groupset - love it! Very comfy and and no problems with it. Haven't tried the all alu version but can't imagine it'd be that different. Just watch the sizing, I think they come up a bit on the small size (size for size) when compared to other manufacturers.

  • yes i noticed they were quite strange sizing, glad i went and sat on one, and instantly fell in love!

    im buying my winter bike in a few weeks, a lovely bianchi pista to add to the collection :-)

    i think iv caught bianchitis!
  • yep!
    I have the Alu/Carbon with Veloce in Celeste - it's my first road bike so sorry I've nothing to compare it to!
    Had it about a month now and it's absolutely brilliant, smooth as anything and a joy to ride!

    Again the gearing issue - go with what you feel the most comfortable with - I tried a Trek 1.7 with Ultegra and just didn't get on with it (even though the bike is nice) - eventually got a 61cm Bianchi to try and just fell in love with it!

    Enjoy what ever you get mate :D
  • thanks for the feed back everyone .
    still not sure but will be buying in the next week or two .
  • I have the alu/carbon and carbon forks with a veloce group set and vento wheels.
    the campag ventos are a bit unforgiving, but the bike itself is a joy to ride, but then I am biased, because I also have an 1885 in the old liquigaz livery (corny, but I really like the celeste and bright yellow combination.)

    Highly recommended.
    Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.
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