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Hi to every one.Being new to cycling i have been using a mountain bike to build my strength.I wish to buy a road bike.i plan to spend approx £1000 may be £1200.But i don't know what sort to buy steel or allloy frames.I have seen a number of carbon.Can any body give me some advise.My height is 6-4ft and weight 18 stone which i plan to drop a couple of stone.


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    You should probably say what you want to do - race, commute, tour - and on what sort of roads.

    My opinion is that heavy riders should be careful about carbon fibre bikes, and that tough cromo ones are excellent for them, especialy if they can take wide tyres. Which leads me to suggest the Surly Crosscheck and LHT, and the Cotic Roadrat. I wouldn't expect to win road races on these (cyclocross maybe) because they'd be 0.1 mph slower than dedicated road racers. Otoh, they're about twice as tough, four times as versatile, and can the wide tyres that can be a god send to heavier riders, especially if they feel adventurous enough to ride back country roads and trail paths.