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GIANT SCR2 vs BH L31 Race One

carl_pcarl_p Posts: 989
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About to buy my first road bike and was all set to get the Giant SCR2. Went to my LBS today and next to the Giant was the BH. I had noticed the BH in an earlier visit but was told they only had the one bike in XL. Now they have it in my size and at £599 - £100 off RRP compared to the Giant at £545. At the full price I wouldn't have taken much notice having my budget at about £500, but at this price I feel I can't ignore it.... ... -180-p.asp

The geometry of both the bikes is similar as is the grade Alu, but the BH has the benefit of Shimano 105 shifters etc etc. A possible downside is that it's a double compared to the Giant's triple. This subject has already been well debated and generally most people seem happy with either but I have nothing to compare it with otherthan my triple MTB which frankly is a bit hit and miss with the gears at times. I live in Norfolk so hills aren't really an issue. Is 105 that much better than Shimano Tiagra?

The BH also has 23mm tyres compared to the Giant's 26. Am I likely to find the ride harsh compared to the Giant? The country lanes I tend to ride can be rough and uneven at times and won't be replicated by a test ride outside the shop.

Any comments would be appreciated.
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  • daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 10,703
    That BH, appears to be a rather nice looking set of wheels.


    I would have said the extra £55 for 105 would be well worth it, and for me, having a bike a bit more out of the ordinary is worth it as well :-)

    The BH has carbon rear stays, has the Giant too?


    Does look like it from the pics, but couldn't find conlusive specs anywhere.

    On a purely superficial basis, for me, if the prices were the same AND the specs were identical, I would choose the BH, but in this case, the price difference is minor, the spec is better, and I think it looks rather damned nice.

    The BH is the one of those two that would 'make me' want to go out and ride it.

    I vote BH :D

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  • MystiqueMystique Posts: 342
    Interesting "droopy handlebar" look on the BH photo...
  • tyredtyred Posts: 1
    The BH range is superb, it's also nice to ride something that you won't bump into loads of other people riding (like the Giant).

    The Race One is a brilliant bike and excellent value for money too.
  • biondinobiondino Posts: 5,990
    Also, Giants are UGLY :)

    You definitely don't need a triple in Norfolk. The BH seems to win in all areas. Seems a no-brainer to me if you can afford the extra.
  • simon_esimon_e Posts: 1,701
    tyred wrote:
    it's also nice to ride something that you won't bump into loads of other people riding (like the Giant).
    I don't quite get this sentiment. While I'm no acolyte/brand victim I really don't mind what brand of bikes other people choose. There are more Giant bikes at our local 10s than anything else but to me it's irrelevant (and a product of the local dealer's stock, he sells Specialized and there are a few of them too).

    To the OP: I suggest you buy the one you like best. This should ideally be based on a test ride but, as I've stated before, all the main brands produce cracking bikes so the choice could come down to the colour. No shame in that IMHO.
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  • carl_pcarl_p Posts: 989
    It was a tough decision but I actually went for the Giant a week or so back. Reasons:

    a) the Giant fits me perfectly whereas the sizing on the BH seemed either a little too big, or too small
    b) on close inspection the frame on the Giant is of much better quality compared to the BH, something the guy in my LBS agreed. The welding on the BH was a bit sloppy.
    c) the BH did not come with pedals and the seat was really uncomfortable even just sitting on it in the shop
    d) the BH had 23mm tyres - the country lanes I ride are not the best quality and I feared the ride would be compromised
    e) agreed you probably don't need a triple in Norfolk but I live in one of the highest points in the county so the return home is always on an incline, plus I have had a bit of knee pain occassionally so I was a bit concerned about a double.

    Well what do I think of the Giant SCR? I love it! It really is comfortable which encourages you to ride it and being my first ever road bike I think that is important. My first ride was for 12 miles and I did most of that on the drops which kind of surprised me really because I was expecting my back to ache like hell, but no. It's quick enough for me and gear shifting is smooth, when I remember to shift correctly :oops: .

    I really appreciate people's views and opinions which were all perfectly valid, but it just goes to show bikes are a very individual thing and you have to get the bike that is right for you and fit for the purpose, not because it is nice looking, good for value for money or this year's big deal. :wink:
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  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    Good choice. There is a reason why Giant are more popular, apart from the fact that they have been around a lot longer than BH and that is because they represent GOOD value. I have a seven year old winter training bike and it's still good.

    Some of BH's compact frames are truly bizzare if you ask me. Yuk!
  • sem69sem69 Posts: 106
    As the Giant fitted you better you made the right choice. I have the SCR2 and love it. Rode 53 miles on it yesterday and it was great, not even a sore ar$e! There might be a lot of them about but that's because they're good quality bikes and great value for money.
  • Not sure if it's exactly the same but this might be the BH1 bike for £100 less again.... ... .m14.l1308

    Only in large though!!!

    Worth a look, even though I'm pro LBS.
  • daz51daz51 Posts: 159
    would not touch the Giant SCR range with a barge pole !!!!!!!
  • meagainmeagain Posts: 2,331
    daz51 wrote:
    would not touch the Giant SCR range with a barge pole !!!!!!!

    Might one ask why?

    I've just finished building up an SCR1 with 105 and Aksiums. Only ridden round the block a few times (to see what I've forgotten to tighten!), but it seems fine. Not as good as the carbon TCR I had 3-4 years ago, but increasing age means I could no longer cope with that sort of geometry. "Medium" Giants seem to be as near perfect a fit for me as possible so maybe I'm prejudiced.

    Must have had at least 6 Giants, on and off tarmacs, never had a bad one.
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