My first 50 mile ride

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Just thought i would tell the world that i finally got round to completing my first 50 mile road ride on Sunday morning. I knew i could do it as i recently did two 43 mile totally different rides in the space of a few days. It was just a case of finding someone to do it with as after a couple of hours on my own i seem to get bored. Anyway done it in 3hours 6 mins so next target is the metric 100.


  • hammerite
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    Well done mate.

    I did my first 50 a couple of weeks ago, and strangely it took me exactly the same time!
  • Did mine then I liked it so much I did another two shortly after :)

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    I did the Norwich 50 in 3:37 on an MTB although we did stop 3 times!! Bearing in mind I have only been cycling since April I was quite happy with that - until on the journey home we saw bikers on MTBs and knobbly tyres on the final leg of the 100 mile route.

    So it will be the 100 next year if I don't do one before.

    The important thing is it was an awesome day out thoroughly enjoyed it and all for charity.
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  • Mettan
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    Sounds good - a nice time and congrats :)
  • NWLondoner
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    Arghh i just cannot get over the 50 mile barrier.

    I did a 46 miler after work last night but could not do anymore.

    Total journey time 3hr 50min. Total riding time 3hr 20min
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    NWLondoner - 46 miles after a hard days work is quite an achievement! If you had a 'rest' day at the weekend and then set off in the afternoon I'm sure you would crack 50 miles. Keep at it!

    I too recently took part in the Norfolk 50 and on an MTB as well (it made me go and purchase my first road bike - and I'm well pleased with it!) but could only manage it in 3 hrs 53 mins. :(

    According to my Edge 705 the Norfolk 50 was actually 48.68 miles so I had to go and do a proper 50 miler last week to prove to myself I can do it! :D