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Help needed please on bike choice

phatspiderphatspider Posts: 25
edited July 2008 in Road beginners
Ok - I have £1100 coming from my insurer to replace a stolen bike and I'm torn between what to get as a replacement.

I am going to start biking a fair bit and hope to do an olympic distance triathlon next yr - i'm not competitor though so i'm not looking for a pro £2k bike

I also like to mooch about on and off road so I'm torn between these options :

1) Get a Specialized Tricross Sport for road stuff (With flex to take it on tow paths etc), and then get a Specialized Rockhopper as an MTB

2) Get a Specialized Tricross Comp and just have a single bike

3) Get a Specialized Allez Elite for road use, and a Rockhopper for off road

Be grateful if you can offer pro's and con's for each option pls

Thank you



  • phatspiderphatspider Posts: 25
    Quick update - option 1 not available now as the company the insurer uses cannot get the Tricross Sport

    So out of 2 and 3 - what do we think?
  • NuggsNuggs Posts: 1,804
    I'd go for option 3 - then you have two completely 'fit for purpose' bikes.

    Option 2 looks like too much of a compromise...
  • phatspiderphatspider Posts: 25
    Thanks for the reply

    The thing I like about the Tricross is if i go out on a road ride, but find myself on a canal tow path, gravel track, i'm screwed on the Allez.

    So I guess my question then - Is the Tricross going to be suitable for training and taking part in a Triathlon (as I said i'm not a serious competitor so not looking to gain 10ths of seconds by shaving off the extra ounce in weight here and there)
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