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New to racing, need preperation!

trail jackertrail jacker Posts: 844
hi all,
im doing a 42 mile race in october for the british heart foundation. i know its pretty far away, but i figure the sooner i get into the mindset the better... so my question is this; is there anything i can start to do now to reduce the preparation workload closer to raceday? heres some info on me if it helps;
im 17 (will be 18 by raceday), am 68kg, and regularly mtb in the peaks with mates. i am pretty skinny, and occasionally do around 35 - 45 mile rides at weekends (about once a month).


  • Hi Trail Jacker!

    You might want to think about carb loading for the event. It could increase your time to exhaustion by 20% and make you 2% quicker. It's perfect for events lasting an hour or more and that you only do a couple of times a year.

    Check out my website for info on carb loading and healthy eating for sports people. ... oklets.asp

    Julia Revitt
    Personal & Sports Nutrition Adviser
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