Road Pedals

bendewey Posts: 23
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Im new to road riding and am currently using some old Time ATAC mtb pedals.

I want to upgrade but only a relatively cheap set.

Been looking at Shimano SPD and Look but cant decide!

Could anybody help? ie: which are better/give more range of movement in the pedal etc?


  • MIsterGoof
    MIsterGoof Posts: 128
    I've just started using LOOK KEO sprints after many years of SPD's and am very happy with them

    There is quite a lot of float (lateral movement allowed of the heel)
  • Nuggs
    Nuggs Posts: 1,804
    I use KEO classics and wouldn't even think about using anything else (except maybe KEO carbons!)...
  • abbey
    abbey Posts: 191
    Dont rule out speed play

    I love them.
  • SteK
    SteK Posts: 148
    I completely agree with Nuggs. Cheap as chips too.

    I've recently ordered a second pair to replce the shimano SPDs on my winter/commuter bike - I found Keo Classics for £19.99!!!

    Crazy. Also, if the grey cleats that come with the pedals don't offer enough float then you can get some black ones (i think - check with the shop) which offer even more movement - although I like the feel of the greys.

    All good!