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Disk brake screeching under braking?

taff_94taff_94 Posts: 33
edited July 2008 in MTB workshop & tech

I am asking this on behalf of my mate, everytime he brakes his front disk brake make a loud screech. We took the front wheel off and cleaned the pads and rotors but still the same.
He has had the same pads for 7 months and i suggested it may be that he needs new pads?

The make is Tektro IO, don't know if that helps or not but anyway.

Any help would be much appreciated

Kind regards Taff


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  • taff_94taff_94 Posts: 33
    Cheers bud,

    I shall print it off for him and see what he does,
    He told me that he sprays his rotors with wd-40 and then wipes it off, i am thinking that he may have missed abit and now the pads are contaminated with wd-40. He is buying new pads anyway so i shall see if that fixes it.

    Cheers so far for the help,

  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    Hmm why spray them with WD40? On the rare occassions I use anything on mine it's jsut isopropyl wipes. Never noticed rust on a rotor before which would be the only possible reason I could see to get WD40 anywhere near them.
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