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How can i persuade my friends we need to be in Bourg on 23rd

RyanBrookRyanBrook Posts: 195
edited July 2008 in Tour & expedition
Hi guys,

This July was orignally going to be spent cycling in the alps with a friend of mine in his camper van with two of his friends. However one of them dropped out and the other wasnt a very keen cyclist anyway so we decided to change our plans and now the two of us are goin on a road trip. My friend has invited two of our old flat mates from Uni. As we were now longer spending a week in Bourg I said It would be a good idea to be in Bourg for the 23rd June for the big stage finishing at Alpe d'huez. They have two weeks from Friday 18th whereas I have 10 days. I came up with this route:

Friday 18th Manchester – Calais – Luxembourg
Saturday 19th Luxembourg – Black Forest
Sunday 20th BF
Monday 21st BF – Geneva
Tuesday 22nd Geneva – Bourg D’oisans
Wednesday 23rd Bourg D’oisans – Lake Garda or Genoa (by the coast).
Thursday 24th Lake Garda
Friday 25th LG – Munich
Saturday 26th Munich – Prague
Sunday 27th Prague
Monday 28th Prague – Amsterdam
Tuesday 29th Amsterdam

Thinking they can go to Paris or wherever from there. The route is obvioulsy jam packed but I think it takes in some great places and the journies between each destination arent too bad apart from Prague to Amsterdam.

Last night the three of them met to discuss my route and decided they didnt like it and they wanted to change it to

Manchester - Luxembourg - Zurich - Venice (few days by coast of near Venice) - Prague for a few days (I leave from Prague) then they go to Amsterdam.

I have no idea why we would want to go to Zurich or Venice. Hardly seem like places for four lads to go. I think whether you are a cyclist or not Bourg d'oisans will be a fantastic place to be around the time of the tour. Plus we have our camper so dont need to worry about finding accommodation. What do you guys think about the two routes?

I appreciate your input.


  • hammeritehammerite Posts: 3,408
    Your route sounds jam packed, where as there's is a little more relaxing.

    Not sure how far you'd be able to get out of Bourg on the Wednesday because the stage leave Bourg that day, there may be quite a few people trying to get away too (gridlock!).

    Just say to them you'd love to spend a day or two in the mountains, sat there all day with a few beers watching the cycling and enjoying the atmosphere. Sounds like a better idea than Zurich!!
  • andypandyp Posts: 8,321
    I lived in Zurich for a year - I'd not be in a rush to go back. Switzerland is dull. Four lads on a holiday will hate it.

    Tell them they'll get the chance to chat up lots of drunk Dutch women on the Alpe, then hot foot it to Italy and enjoy the views on the beaches around Venice.
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