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Dislocated shoulder

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Three weeks ago I dislocated my shoulder. I'd like to be able to brag that I did it doing something impressive and dramatic, but the truth is, I fell over my dog while running up a muddy path in a local park. The arm came completely out of the socket and managed to park itself on the front of my shoulder. How much internal damage it's done I don't yet know. The local A&E department put things back together for me, but the upper arm and shoulder is still numb to touch, something to do with axillary nerve damage, and I've got no controlled movement of the upper arm. I can move the dodgy arm quite freely if I hold it with my other hand, so am confident that the structure is good.

The trouble is, I'm getting really frustrated, I can't swim, run, or cycle. I've found I can ride on my static bike, but have to use my good arm to position the dodgy arm on the handle-bars, and have to remember not to let go. Otherwise I end up head-butting the handle-bars!

Has anybody else been in a similar situation, and how long did it take you to fully recover? I've a list of rides, runs and triathlons I was hoping to do this summer, and wonder whether any of them are now likely. Plus, if anybody's got any good tips or suggestions on how I can speed up the recovery, please let me know.


  • biondinobiondino Posts: 5,990
    Massive sympathy. I've only subluxed my arm(s), albeit multiple times, but the longest I've been out of action for has been a month (hooking a ball hard playing cricket), and that was to full/painless recovery. Last two times I did it were on my bike - once in an otherwise entirely harmless off, and once, embarrassingly, while stretching (holding onto a fence, stretching calves, my foot loses traction and slips backwards but my hand remained attached to the fence. Something had to give...), but was only in pain for a week and four days respectively.

    Realistically, you're only going to get a proper answer from a qualified medic, physio or whatever. Others here may share their stories but each case is going to be different. Did you get any kind of prognosis? Certainly if you want to exercise, you really need someone who knows exactly how it all works to advise you. I presume you're still undergoing treatment, and diagnosis by the sound of it?
  • SBezzaSBezza Posts: 2,173
    When I dislocated my shoulder for the first time, it was a completely out of the socket job, but I obviously didn't have as much nerve damage, as when it was relocated in hospital after about a 3 hour drive to a decent hospital, the pain was gone in an instance, and I had full mobility in the arm.

    I was bandaged up after that so the arm was pinned across my body, to aid recovery (didn't last long though as I was a young lad).

    I was also put on a full rehabiltation programme (though this was through the RAF, rather than NHS), and it recovered pretty well. Since then I have probably dislocated it again some 30 times, sometimes in my sleep (no that is a good alarm call). I did do some phsyio through the NHS, and even had a MRI scan on it, and it does get better with dedicated pshyio, but don't ever expect it to be perfect again. I no longer throw hard with my right hand, for fear of it dislocating again. I also do alot of upper body strength stuff, and exercises for my rotator cuff, to try and build some stability back into it.

    If it is still unusable, I would go back to my GP, and get a appointment with a consultant, and even a MRI scan to see the extent of the damaged caused, as I would have expected some sort of phsyio programme to be given to you as well.
  • I have had top notch treatment from NHS physios after fracturing by scaula (sholuder blade) not exactly the same as dislocation but lots of soft tissue damage

    Also NHS physios did a great job with dislocated elbow and shattered leg

    (all rock/ice climbing injuries rather than cycling)

    Best advice is get your GP to refer you to NHS physio asap
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  • CorianderCoriander Posts: 1,326
    Tis hard,

    I am puzzled that your arm is free. Like SBezza I dislocated my shoulder multiple times (I finally had it pinned, but that's another story!) and each time it was strapped tight to my body for 3 weeks to allow all the ligaments and tissue to shrink back into position. I was always told this was crucial because the soft tissue was vital to preventing further dislocations as the special layer on the inside of the cup designed to prevent dislocation would now be buggered (I do believe that is the technical term).

    As further dislocations become more likely with each dislocation, you really must take care that it repairs itself properly because trust me, like for SBezza ,a shoulder that dislocates while your drying yourself after a shower, playing with the cat or in bed (both while sleeping and at other times... :oops: ) is a massive pain in the... errr... shoulder.

    I'd go back to your doctor or consultant and discuss things with them if I were you.

    All the best.
  • MasonavickofMasonavickof Posts: 278
    Sympathy too you!!

    I dislocated my shoulder playing football...

    I also had nerve damage, which lasted for about a month..

    It took me 5 months to get movement back in my arm. Consultants told me that mine was very tramatically damaged, and that it would probably not come out again (unless I had an accident)..

    I was riding after 3 months but I could'nt rise my arm higher than my shoulder for ages...

    Best wishes...
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  • CraigHCraigH Posts: 321
    6 months after crashing and doing my left. it still feels 'graunchy', 'clicky' nad not right.
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