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Western Union - any alternatives?

Rich-TiRich-Ti Posts: 1,831
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I am being asked to put some money into a Western Union account to prove my intention to take on a flat rental - the money would then be withdrawn and become my deposit.

Basically I'm not prepared to do that!

Am I stupid to be so adverse or is my lack of faith justified?

Also, are there any other 'holding account' type options available?


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    ask for their bank account info. also their IBAN and SWIFT infos. your back can then transfer the money to a genuine account and you have the accountability that they have got it. Also you can check that the account info matches the ifo that you have.
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  • Rich-TiRich-Ti Posts: 1,831
    But I haven't seen the place yet! Not giving someone something for nothing!

    She just wants confirmation of my intent as she's coming to London from Southampton just to show me the place.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    So it is more of a non refundable deposit?
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  • Rich-TiRich-Ti Posts: 1,831
    Refundable at the end of the rental term, whatever that ends up being, and assuming I haven't trashed the place!

    She says she's had people say they can pay the deposit and will bring cash only to be let down with people saying they can't afford it and so on, so she wants some kind of evidence that I can and will pay it to reserve the flat.
  • Ash_Ash_ Posts: 385
    So let's get this straight...

    You have to pay the full deposit purely to allow you to view the property? That seems a bit 'cheeky'.

    If the owner's got such a problem with travelling to the flat and non-paying tenants, why don't they get an agency to administer it for them? Anyway, that's not your concern...

    As for leaving a deposit with Western Union - that's got to be a big no-no. Say you don't like the flat - you need to get the money back. How long will it take? There's a cost incurred for using Western Union too - who will foot that? Western Union's good for sending money to people you can trust, but you should never use it to send money to people you don't even know.

    You've got to consider other things too. If the owner's so releuctant to come up to London - then what will they be like if there's a problem? Say the boiler explodes after a month, are they going to whinge and moan about when they're getting it sorted? It's hassle you don't need. If they're so awkward about money - what'll it be like getting the deposit back at the end of the rental term?

    I assume there's something you like about the flat (price? location?) that's making you consider all this faffing around anyway. But when something seems to good to be true, it usually is. I've looked at flats before which seemed to be 'perfect' only to meet the landlord / lady - on one occasion I was even warned off by the letting agent! If this is the way they want to do business, then it's probably best not to do business with them!

    Caveat emptor (or should that be 'renter'?) and all that...
  • Rich-TiRich-Ti Posts: 1,831
    Ash_ wrote:
    But when something seems to good to be true, it usually is
    Yup, I've kinda come to the conclusion it's a scam - a £600 rental in Richmond, bills included, with secure garden & garage just because she "wants someone in her flat to be sure it is safest" is more than just bad English!! :shock: :? :lol:
  • nwallacenwallace Posts: 1,465
    Western Union, associated with scammers. If she is desperate for someone in the flat she would pay your train fare.
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