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Northamptonshire Cycling... I'm New here

bendeweybendewey Posts: 23
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Hi all

Im a 19 year old fairly fit lad, was into mountain biking but the appeal of speed and smoothness dragged me away about 2 weeks ago!

Spent ages looking around for a nice starter roadie. Tried about 5 bikes including a Boardman, Giant, Raleigh etc an finally settled on a Trek 1.5 Double. Got it for £540 which i thought was a good deal. Very happy with it as a starter and already looking forward to upgrading.... probably next year!

Have started to commute to and from work in Wellingborough (about 12 miles each way)
Only takes me about 35 minutes! which im very happy with considering im just starting. Really need to get myself a computer though! Can anybody reccomend a good, reasonably priced one (£30ish?).

I also cycle at night and at the weekend if i get the time. I enjoy it but think i would enjoy it more/go further riding with somebody else from time to time.

Does anybody on here live around Northampton? Or know of any local clubs which i could join?




  • doktorstevedoktorsteve Posts: 112
    I would speak to you if you wern't so quick! takes me 1hr 10 from Wellingborough to Mkt Harborough and thats only 17 miles.

    VDO computers are nice. I use a wired one as I dont trust wireless. I got a C3 and an extra mount so I can switch it between the mountain bike and the road bike. If you do get the extra mount then remember it does not include the magnet.
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  • abbeyabbey Posts: 191
    I Ride in the Northampton area.

    I have been out with the A45 road club a few times. Sat they ride from Overstone at around 13 - 16 mph which seems a little slow for you.
    On Sunday they ride from the same place but a little faste around 17 - 20 mph. Well for the first half they do. The second half tends to be very fast and i get dropped of the back. They are a great bunch of guys though and very friendly. Not been out for a while but I am sure they are still going.

    They also do time trials on Wed and Thursdays in Earls Barton from memory.

    Have a look at the web site.


  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    Full list of British Cycling affiliated clubs in East Midlands can be found on their "Club Finder"
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