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Going to give rd riding a go.

btwellzbtwellz Posts: 92
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After a few years of mtb I'm looking to venture out on to the rds. I have alway been put off by the dangers of other vehicle 'on the rd but guess mtb is just as dangerous. I don't know where to start. Could some one recomend were to research what I need. I'm looking for a fast racing bike really to ride around mid Wales. Price around £400 / £500 mark! My mtb frame is med around 18" could someone explain what size frame I would be looking at? So I know a little at least when I go and try.



  • daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 8,771
    Welcome Ben, good choice, off road riding and road riding are great activities to enjoy, and each have fitness elements that benefits the other.

    Frame size is tricky, as it depends on a whole raft of things, namely your height, and then inside leg, and arm length/reach.

    For an example, i ride a 17.5" MTB, but as it's a Marin it is effectively a 19.5" frame.
    I am 5ft 10, with a 34" inside leg.
    My roadbike is a 56cm Felt, though I could probably have had a 54 with a longer stem.

    Best thing to do is vist your lbs and sit on a few bikes, and see how they feel.

    A word of warning, coming from an MTB, the position will feel really weird at first, as will having no brake evers on the flats, but persevere and swapping between them becomes a doddle.

    Your budget is fairly healthy, but have you thought about kit such as shorts, helmet (if you want one), saddlebag etc etc?

    I'm sure some peeps will be on here with decent bike recommendations in your price range shortly, but off the top of my head Trek, Specialized and Giant all spring to mind.

    There was a cracking BH bike posted on here a little while back for £499 with carbon forks and rear stays, and Shimano 105 throughout - not sure if that is still around though.

    Decathlon Sport 3 might be worth a look also.


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  • Rebel IanRebel Ian Posts: 17
    For £500 you can get a Specialized Allez :) . For an extra £50 you can get the Allez triple.
  • Steve_b77Steve_b77 Posts: 1,680
    Howdy, what is it with the recent glut of MTB'ers buying £500 road bikes liek me he hee.

    I've got an Allez, I ride a medium Specialized Pitch, I'm 5'11 with a 32.5" inside leg and bought a 56cm framed Allez and it fits bang on, cracking bike for the wedge and nice and comfy too :D
  • btwellzbtwellz Posts: 92
    Yes I wrote this post then saw all the other mtb boy writing much the same!! must be something in the air?? and the tour de france has not started.

  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,890
    Well because it will be a first road bike for you, and also because you're living in very hilly terrain, why not something for 400 quid and it's a triple:

    C+ recently rated it very highly so looks good to me. Or one of the Giants would be ideal too.
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