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Final 3 weeks preparation for Enduro

snotragsnotrag Posts: 5
Same old story. Entered a race as a giggle, suddenly find myself taking it very seriously, and absolutely HAVE to beat my mates!

Thus far, I've been as scienitific as riding my bike as much as I can (but still not as much as I would like).

I've been riding for years, Half decent base fitness, plenty comfortable and 'settled' in terms of being on the bike, no issues there.

What now, for the final 20 days or so weeks ish? My level of fitness is surely not going to get any better in that time, so is it just a case of more of the same?

Should I put in some really hard stuff?

I've been meaning to get round to riding to work, and keep putting it off.

It would be an 10 mile ish Urban road ride each way - I guess this is the way to go? 3 or 4 times a week? I could lengthen it on the way back?

My main concern is that I only ever get to ride for 1 or 2 hour stints, and I'm gonna struggle holding pace for much longer periods - I'll probably be doing 3 2.5hr sessions over 12 hours I guess?

Not really sure what to do between these sessions? Should I take the Roadie and Turbo to keep me warm and un cramped? Just a case of resting and getting lots of Carbs and fluids in?


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