Gore 'Ride-on' cables - a big yes OR a big no?

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I'm in the market for new cables and my LBS recomended the Gore 'ride -n' cables (at £50 a set, although just found them for £35 - so I won't be buying from there, thats for sure!).

Anyway, ignoring the cost, are the cables worth it? Anyone have experience of them? They certainly seem to work well according to several reviews I've seen.


  • Stu 74
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    From my experience of them I would say a very big NO.

    Personally I don't think they are suitable for SRAM rear mechs as the rubber grub seal thing (thats there to keep out mud and water) gets caught in the plastic cable run on the mech making it useless.

    Also the inner cables seem weak, after tightening the cable into the bolt clamp on the rear mech I almost cut completely through it. Ok perhaps I did overtighten it but have never had this problem with other cables.

    After a few rides I started to get a lot of ghosting on my rear mech, probably because the inner cable had stretched. Managed to sort it out but it was a real pain.

    They only lasted a couple of weeks before I ripped them off and replaced them with Shimano XTR which are more robust and provide smoother and more reliable shifting.

    If you do get the XTR cable set though you will probably have to order some extra outer cable as there will probably not be enough supplied with the set to complete your bike.