2009 launches?

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When do companies like Trek, Giant and Specialized launch their 2009 ranges and the bikes become available in the LBS?

Presently deciding on a road bike (SCR1 or similar) from one of the above and wondering whether to hold fire for a while, to see if deals become available on a 08 bike or if the 09 models have any benefits other than just a makeover.


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    you may find you have wait anyway - i'm being told by the lbs that giant road bikes in med or large just aren't orderable at the moment. they don't have any in shop and can't get them from the manufacturer either. i was told some time in august for 09 stock.

    if i wanted to try an scr i had a choice of small or xl, and on a scr3.0. pretty much the same story with the fcr range. if you are an 'odd' size then there may be some bargains to be had though.

    i hope you have better luck with your shop that i am.
  • I was told a similar tale regarding Trek bikes.

    So is this typical at this time of the year? Does it mean we are in the annual transition period between 08 and 09 models and a shortage is to be expected or have the manufacturers under estimated their 08 production run?
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    i suspect it is a seasonal thing. i'd been told something similar by another shop last week (dealing in trek, le mond cannondale), and read something on here about giant not having much stock around a week or so ago.

    it does seem a bit daft though, given that the weather is good you would expect manufacturers would shift a few more units. perhaps they hope that anticpation will encourage buyers to go for the new and improved 09 models when they surface (with that new and improved inflationary price tag :shock: )
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    It's probably best to wait if you can, there are a number of "improvements" (11 speed campag, new Dura Ace) which should mean that the 08 bikes have big discounts this year.
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    I was told by LBS Giant dealer back in April he had a 6 week delay on bike orders. If there is a supply shortage then I can't see many bargains to be had otherthan on extreme sizes.

    I'm looking to order an SCR2 from LBS later this week so I'll find out about delays and 09 models.
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