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Pain in finger joints?

toby_gtoby_g Posts: 37
I did a 36 miler on Saturday in the north downs. On the final decent of the day, which was long a quite rutted with roots and rocks etc, I got really quite bad pains in the joints of my fingers gripping the handle bars (ie not the index finger on the brake lever, or thumb). It only happened on the long decents (particularly this one, which was by far the longest of the day), the rest of the ride my hands were fine.

My bike is full suspension. At first I thought it was because I was gripping too hard, but it seemed to be there even if i gripped more loosly. once we got to the bottom i went to open my hands and they were really stiff and almost locked around the handlebars.

any ideas for ways to alleviate this problem would be much appreciated.


  • Surf-MattSurf-Matt Posts: 5,952
    Toby - I used to get this a lot when I had V brakes - mostly from applying a lot of pressure to the brakes all the time.
    I have found that disks help a lot (need less pressure) but also found Specialized Body Geometry gloves work very well - they have a pad that relieves pressure on your ulna/radial nerve (I think!)

    Also might be worth taking fish oil capsules - your joints might be a bit dodgy.
  • toby_gtoby_g Posts: 37
    I have discs (and they are strong enough to be operated with 1 finger) :?
    I have specialized Body geometry gloves (with ulner nerve pad) :?
    I am only 26 :cry:

    Off to boots at lunch to get cod liver oil tablets.

    I do have dodgey joints, and am incredibly inflexible (unflexible ? )
    If i put my hand flat on the table, and then try to lift my palm while keeping the fingers down, i can raise it up to ~10 degrees at the most, nearly everyone i know can go beyond 45 (some to almost 90 :shock: )

    My mate has dodgey joints and wears a copper band around his wrist, and swears by it. i dont wear jewelry (not even a watch) so don't really want to wear a 'bracelet' :?

    Maybe a doctor is the person to ask. I will have to book a trip to see my GP.
  • Surf-MattSurf-Matt Posts: 5,952
    Toby - could be a plan.

    I've always had very "clicky" joints, especially in my hands. Occasionally they hurt a bit (I'm 33) but never for long.

    If you have no luck with the doc, try a physio.
  • weedy1weedy1 Posts: 143
    Sounds like you need to develop more muscle power in your mitts.

    Try playing with yourself a bit more :lol:

    If that don't work least It'll feel o.k. :lol:

    You may get hairy palms tho........ :shock:
  • toby_gtoby_g Posts: 37
    Sounds like you need to develop more muscle power in your mitts

    I am not sure this the problem; I play rugby during the winter and have generally good upper body strength (I play 2nd Row/back row).

    The pain I describe is more in the joints, as opposed to in the muscles themselves.

    I have been looking around online and it seems to be some sort of Arthritic Condition (not actually arthritis, but more an arthritic symptom of something else), one mentioned cause was dehydration. Given it occured on the final run of the day, and it was pretty darn hot on Saturday, it may well have been the cause.

    I guess I will have to add more rehydration to my cycling routine. Will probably get the cod liver oil tablets too just in case :wink:
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