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Changed wheels on bike and now can't shift gear :(

randomspamrandomspam Posts: 17
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GT Zum 4.0

I've stuffed up my bike somehow, I changed my rear wheel at the weekend, first time admittedly but it seemed easy enough. All fitted back on no problems and I could turn the pedals and it went round fine. Got on it this morning though, 5m down the road and found that when clicking the right shifters it wouldn't change gear through the small cogs. Left shift worked fine and moved accross the big cogs.

There is no actual click action when I press the right shifter, it's not actually doing anything, neither up nor down gear.

I freely admit I'm a noob at this so I apologise if this seems obvious, I'd be very greatful for any advice you can give me.



  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    you must have disconnected/jammed/trapped something.

    remove and refit.
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  • randomspamrandomspam Posts: 17
    ok thanks, I shall check it over when I am home tonight, is there anything specific part or problem I should be keepin gmy eyes open for as I was of the opinion that if the chain went round with the pedals it must be ok - obviously i'm wrong but just looking for pointers.
  • tjmtjm Posts: 190
    what did you actually change? Did you just remove and replace the same wheel or did you swap the wheel for another one?
    If it was another one, did you use the old cassette or did the new wheel come with one fitted?

    What gear is it stuck in?

    When you try and change gear does the rear mech move at all? In either direction?

    What sort of shifter is it? Twist or trigger?
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