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TDF average speed

explosifpeteexplosifpete Posts: 1,327
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  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
    About 40KM/h, or 25mph
    I like bikes...

  • Simon NotleySimon Notley Posts: 1,263
    In the procycling programme (I think - or else in the C+ supplement) there's a list of all the tours and their average speed. Recent years have been 38-40kph. Back in the days on dirt roads and fewer gears it was <25kph... since then it's increased steadily until reaching and bit of a plateau for the last few years.

    Will be interesting to see whether we continue to see an increase or whether the apparent reduction in doping means a drop...
  • guv001guv001 Posts: 688
    What "doping" ?
  • ACMadoneACMadone Posts: 300

    There we go... that should answer it[/url]
  • donrhummydonrhummy Posts: 2,329
    Those averages are kind of useless. What would make more sense is to split the times into:

    1. TT avg speed (and this into under 20KM, 21-30KM, 31+ KM)
    2. Speed on the mountains
    3. Speed in sprints

    Anyone know each of these?
  • richaricha Posts: 1,634
    You can see the organisers expectations of every stage by looking at the time schedule: ... etape.html
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