Pain just above the knee

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Recently i've experienced a slight pain/niggle just above both knee's. I can feel it for a few days after a ride. I set my saddle hieght using the method of having a straight leg when my heel is on the pedal.
Does anyone have any advice?


  • I got that. Stretches solved it for me (recommended by my physio). 2 - 3 times a day. Quads, calf and hamstring 25 seconds for each one.
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    i dont like the straight leg method i find it doesnt give me enough knee bend to be comfortable, so I dropped the saddle a little and from there made microadjustments a few mm at a time to fine tune the position
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    Could be a number of things.
    Check your saddle position.
    Drop a plumbline from the front of your knee - it should pass through the axle of the pedal. If you're forward of that point, you're more likely to get knee pain.... although sitting further forward develops more power.

    If that doesn't solve it, it could be that you need pedals with more "free float".
    I recently swapped from SPD to Time, and find them good - My physio recommends Speedplay pedals.

    If this fails to solve it, you could try a pair of more ananotomical shoes - Specialized BG shoes tilt your foot over slightly, which are supposed to make your pedal action more natural on your knees.

    If this fails, get yourself down to a sports physio - preferably someone who deals with cyclists. They can do some gait analysis, and may recommend something like custom footbeds, or LeMond wedges. Custom footbeds will cost the earth though - with the consultation, don't expect change out of 300 quid!!
  • Cheers for the advice. I've looked at the specialized insoles on the net. will have to find a shop that can advise on which could possibly help, has anybody had any experience with these?
    I use Look Keo Classics and have the Grey cleats, i don't know how much free play they have.