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Cycling Holiday in Italy

rich grich g Posts: 124
edited July 2008 in Tour & expedition
Hi could someone recommend a cycling tour company for a holiday in Italy please.


  • RyanBrookRyanBrook Posts: 195
    Its better to organise it yourself. Its part of the fun. Plus its individual to you and you have complete freedom to do as you please. Campsites arent as numerous as France but they are there. I cycled in from sestriere last summer into pinarello. There were no campsites there so we had to get a hotel. Which only cost us 30 or 50 euros and was gorgeous.
    Next day we cycled to Asti. This did have a campsite of a good standard. We hadnt planned this part really just cycled in which in hindsight was a bit of a mistake as it obviously isnt catered for camping like France. Apparently Pinarello had a campsite but after the olympics was short of business and had to close down.
  • rpk98crpk98c Posts: 6
    I used HookedOnCycling for a self guided tour around Sardinia.

    To us this was the best of both worlds, we were on our own so went at our own pace detours etc. But all our hotels were booked in advance and luggae was transported for us.

    IMO Hooked on Cyclling are a great company, very helpful and personal service. You can take your own luggae and reduce costs or customise how you see fit. My only issue was we hired bikes as I didn't trust EasyJet with them. The bikes were good, but I'm 6'3" and although I mentioned this and got the biggest they had it was too small. OK for the tour we were doing but wouldn't hire again.

    Hope that helps.
  • kirby1024kirby1024 Posts: 3
    I've put photos and descriptions of a dozen rides in Tuscany on-line at

    At the bottom of each of the ride pages is a link to 'Information' - this gives you access to the route taken each day e.g.

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