marz 66 cane creek s8 cove gspot problem

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I bought a new cane creek s8 to fit my second hand marzocchi 66s to my second hand cove gspot. The problem is, if i tighten the headset, it locks the steering solid. When i tighten the top cap, there is an uneven gap around where the top cover of the headset sits above the top bearing cup asthough the top cover is sitting at an angle. I'm sure this uneven gap is the cause of the problem. Has anybody got any ideas as to how to fix this? My only thought is that the steerer tube is very slightly bent, but i haven't checked this yet. Any thoughts?
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  • nicklouse
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    sounds like you are missing a bit. like the top locating wedge.

    re the steerer, try rolling the steerer along a table you will see if it is bent.
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    All the parts are there, cup, bearing, split ring and top cover. i'll try using a straight edge to see if the steerer is straight, but i can't do it unitl tomorrow afternoon as the bike is at my mum's house.
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