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Mallorca, a few points (good and bad)

atticaattica Posts: 2,362
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Just spent a week in Mallorca and thought I'd share a few things with you all:-

1, the road up to Cap Formentor has deteriorated quite badly, it's one of my favourite rides for the views but descending isn't fun there any more, take it easy folks, especially in the tunnel.

2. Pro Cycling Hire in Port Pollenca are really taking off, nice chatty mechanics, good quality well maintained bikes for hire, daily club runs, reckon I might hire from them rather than take my own next time.

3. Some of the small towns in the area near Campanet - Inca etc have lovely drain covers that span the street (more of a gutter covering really) - these have very deceptive gratings, the holes lie in the direction of travel and don't look wide enough for a road tyre, BE WARNED they are! I found out the expensive and undignifed way, going over the handlebars at about walking pace, pinching the front rim and writing off the wheel (got me home but heavy breaking would've been scary to say the least), bruised my wallet, ego and shoulder!

4. Riding out at Mallorca is still very enjoyable, the ride to Soller is breathtaking - enjoy.
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  • Richie GRichie G Posts: 283
    I hired from the Pro Cycling Hire place and was very impressed. Mind you the TCR i hired is a bit of a step up from my regular ride - bit of a come down when i got home! I agree with you about the Cap Formentor road - descending scared me witless! Great views though!
    I was struck by how well treated cyclists were by motorists in Mallorca. My wife is not at all confident on a bike at all, but having heard me say how much room cars were giving me decided to have a go. She felt it was the safest she'd ever felt on a bike - she finds riding on the road in Britain terrifying. All in all, a great place to ride - i can't wait to go back!

  • 4kicks4kicks Posts: 549
    Cap Formentor road is due to be resurfaced this winter...
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  • How much do they charge to rent a top end bike BTW?
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