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endless search for clothing!!!!!

baccodaddybaccodaddy Posts: 128
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hope someone can help i,m after a new range brought out by cannondale called the recon range but can,t source it anywhere.i,ve tried chain reactions and they said until its offered to them they can,t get me it ,but on the c,dale website it says it must be specially ordered by a dealer.please help as i have no idea but need the gear to finsh the equation.


  • GibboGTGibboGT Posts: 287
    Maybe you've tried this but the cannondale site suggests
    cannondale wrote:
    Interested In ORDERING This Item?

    Please ask your Cannondale Retailer to special order this product for you if they currently do not carry this item. Be sure to reference the model number and the name of the product.

    Use our DEALER LOCATOR to find your closest Cannondale Retailer.

    For more information or assistance, please contact Cannondale Customer Service at 1-800-BIKE-USA

    Cannondale Europe: + 41 61.4879380
    Cannondale Austrailia: (02) 9979 5851
    Cannondale Japan: 06-6110-9390

    find a lbs and ask? or just call cannondale.
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