One ride and I'm a clipless convert!

Rebel Ian
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I recently asked a question on here about shoes and was persuaded by the responses to go down the clipless route. I've recently started riding again after an absence of 20 years.

Was initially looking for some shoes that would enable me to walk but my local shop had some Specialized Sport Road shoes reduced to £39.99 which appeared to be a bit of a bargain. I opted for some inexpensive Shimano PD touring pedals to see how I'd get on and went out this morning for the first time.

I know the general consensus on here is that toe-clips are the accessory of the devil but I've always been comfortable with them. The difference with clipless is amazing however. It's a totally different riding experience where you feel much more in touch with the bike. I know people on here will say, "yeah, we know, we've been doling it for years" but when you first experience it it's great.

I was initially concerned about how easy it would be to get the cleat in the optimum position and the tension right on the pedal but all appears fine. Getting your foot out is easy and what's more, clipping them back in becomes second nature very quickly.

Anyway, all that's a roundabout way of saying thanks for the advice :D


  • hodsgod
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    I bought some shoes from Lidl to try it but I haven't got round to it yet. Did you get double sided clipless? Is that the way to go?
  • phillarrow
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    I totally agree. I've always used toe clips and liked them but recently converted to clipless and have been amazed at the difference. The only trouble is that despite being made aware of the dangers I had a rather embarassing, and potentially dangerous, off on my first day. Coming up the first hill I was passed rather easily by a wheezy old guy. Upon getting to the top of the hill where I cross a busy main road I took out one foot. Unfortunatley it was the wrong/left foot, meaning that I was kicking off up the hill on my wrong/right foot. It all went pear shaped and I fell sideways into the main road with said old bloke looking back pityingly over his shoulder as I thumped to the floor!
  • Rebel Ian
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    hodsgod wrote:
    I bought some shoes from Lidl to try it but I haven't got round to it yet. Did you get double sided clipless? Is that the way to go?

    My pedals are one-sided but it really wasn't a problem. The main worries are whether you can clip them in which in reality was easy and whether you remember to unclip which I guess you'll only get wrong once :lol: .
  • ris
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    my first week with cleats had a number of those wrong foot moments, a number of times i took out my left foot in anticipation of a junction and then put weight over to the right side and wondered where my foot had gone!

    i managed to keep it all upright, but only just. the only offs have been from contact with cars and the clips have always done their thing and let my feet out.