Mount Vision or Attack Trail

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My current bike is a 08 Marin Mount Vision, i rather enjoy it but i only bought it because the Attack Trail wasn't available in my country but by the end of the year that issue should be adressed or i can just go to UK in order to buy it, my question is:
I'm not really a skilled driver so in the trails, sometimes, i can see some friends flying with bikes like mine while i'm stuck so and going a bit by common sense a little more travel should help me out disguising my faults so i thought in replace my mount vision by the attack trail but that causes me another problem, i also ride a lot in the street and i'm not sure if the attack trail behaves well in this situation?!?
Can you give me some advice about this? Should i keep the mount vision or change it by the attack trail in order to have a bit more pleasure in the trails without getting stuck?



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    Attack Trail won't really make up for any inadequacies in your riding and it will just make climbing and any road riding more of a slog.

    You've got a wicked and very capable bike there mate - I don't mean this horribly but just go and learn to ride it!
  • zero303
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    Incidentally, I have a longer travel bike and my mate has a Mount Vision - he's kicks my arse left right and centre on the trails - my extra travel means nothing as he's just a better rider.

    Unless you're riding black and double black diamond routes, there's nothing the Attack Trail will really excel at that your Mount Vision won't do well on already...