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what happens??

andy83andy83 Posts: 1,558
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well since a bad illness and rebuilding bike am back into commuting and started just going on rides for fitness but mainly on roads

now there are some complete idoits out there like today when i overtook a bus that was pulled at bus stop and there was at least a metre of the left hand lane so i was still in lane, but someone overtaking a parked car the other side of road went mad and nearly hit me

my bike is not currently insured, mainly due to it being only just built and is all custom parts, but if god forbid i got hit, would i be able to claim against the car if it was there fault, even with no insurance??

if not anyone recomend a decent insurance company. bike is worth around £700 and kept in outbuilding joined to house and a magnum lock to lock the bike up

would i need to get a new lock and would they accept a padlock on the outbuilding as sufficient??

thanks in advance


  • always_tyredalways_tyred Posts: 4,965
    Yes to the first question.

    Not sure about locks, but in general you get what you pay for. I'd think about getting more than one decent lock, particularly if you can leave one or more of them at work.
  • andy83andy83 Posts: 1,558
    thanks for that, was little worried if i got knocked off whether i needed insurance etc

    with regard to work its ok cos i take it inside and the building is secured as its a residential home so am ok in that sense. only thing is when i leave it to pop into shows (no longer than 5 mins) i panic, so i may invest in another lock

    still usnsure of getting insurance as outbuildings are covered on our house insurance
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