help please, which bike should i buy?

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ive being out bike shopping today and ive seen a few that i like but im not sure which to get. ive been to a few shops and everyone tells me contradicting information. my limit to spend is 300pounds. ive narrowed my choice down to these bikes. ... o&pid=2775 ... o&pid=3222 ... Tail/#2650

the gt bike is £299

and there was this giant bike but my son thinks it was 400 i seem to remember it being 300 of course if it were 400 that would be out of my price range. ... 435/31727/

im completely new to this and everything people tell me seems to be a little confusing. any help at all would be greatly appreciated, be it comments on brands, the bikes or value for money.


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    sorry but there was this one too, prices at £299 ... 435/31729/
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    Have a look here...


    If it was me I'd be looking at the GT Avalanche 3, the Carrera Vulcan or the Mongoose Tyax Elite.
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    ive just had a look in that thread and now im leaning towards the GT Avalanche 3, but its still confusing for me. it also says in the thread that if buying for less than 300 to stay away from disc brake and get the v brakes.
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    Some bikes with V brakes have better overall specs than discs - have to take everything into consideration, and the type of riding you will be doing.

    I'd visit a good local shop (or two) and try out some of the bikes mentioned.
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    ive tried the jamis and specialized but only very briefly in the car park. the local shops ive been to dont give the opportunity for a test drive. they all seem to give different information too. they're probably just trying to sell me the bike they want me to buy.
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    Even a quick blast around the car park will give you an idea of whether the bike feels right fit wise - it is not alays about getting the very best value bike (if it dosnt fit, it is money wasted). And geometry of bikes vary, even for a given size.

    All the bikes you mention are good enough on paper, so down to you really!
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    thanks, ill have a think, looking at buying next weekend.
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    Hi i had a gt avalanche 3.0 disc and it was a really good bike to start on disc were fine .... just upgarded to a norco full suss.... u wont go far wrong with the GT the dealer did me a deal as well got it for £270 and believe it or not sold it on ebay for £300!!!!
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    GT but do ride it first.
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