Bontrager or Mavics Anyone?

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I am looking to upgrade the wheels on a giant SCR 2 and have within budget narrowed down to the Bontrager classics or Mavic Aksiums. I enjoy turning the pedals fast but fear I am too late ( mid 40's ) to start racing. Hence a more sportive oriented option. I also prefer a mainly black or silver wheelset as my frame is black with bright blue decals. I detect a fashion for red appearing on many rims ( fulcrum, shimano). Having aesthetic concerns I want to avoid these. Any opinions welcome.


  • giant_man
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    Well imo Mavics definitely. I'm not a fan of bendy Bontragers have to say.

    I'm same age as you, don't worry about the racing aspect, it's can still be competitive in sportive or audax environment.
  • SCR Pedro
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    Hi there.

    Probikekit are offering Aksiums for £110, this weekend only. I'm mighty tempted to buy some for my own SCR2. I've only ever heard rave reviews about them.

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    I can only speak for the Aksiums but i too bought them for my SCR last year. I've hit some pretty big potholes when ive been too tired to look further than the front wheel and having just checked them last night, the wheels are still running perfectly true.

    I have to say this surprised me because the first thing i noticed when i fitted the Aksiums was some sideways flex when climbing hills out of the saddle, flex i never had on the original Alex rims. It manifested itself by causing the brakes to rub when i put the power down but that was easily cured by adjusting the gap slightly. I therefore assumed the wheels may not be that strong but they have proved otherwise.

    I would reccomend them.
  • Lagavulin
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    I've got a set of '07 Aksiums and do sometimes get a bit of brake rub. Other than that they've been bombproof since early October and did put up with some real crap durign the winter. I too paid £110 for them (CRC) and was thinking about getting another rear as I've lost my spare Shimano-splined wheel to a Campag conversion. At that price, for the lighter 2008 models, I may just buy another complete wheelset.
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    My bike (bought early 2007) came with Aksiums and so far they have been reliable despite many a pothole. I've no experience of the Bontragers for comparison though but most of their stuff has a pretty decent reputation (as far as i know).