Do Wiggle Answer Emails?

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I have sent Wiggle 2 emails this week, enquiring about bike sizing and their test ride policy, but have not received any reply. Do they respond to emails?

I haven't even received an automated response to say they have received my message.


  • nickwill
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    i emailed them about an order on Tuesday, and had a helpful reply within two hours!
  • Doobz
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    I just emailed them about the easton competetion and I got an auto response in a few mins. It looks like your email host or the way you wrote the email might have been picked up by their spam filters..

    Have wiggle received my email?

    When you first email you will receive an automated reply with our current lead time for replying to emails.

    If you do not receive this message it means that we have not received the email correctly and this is probably because your email has been blocked by our spam filter.

    If you have emailed us for the first time and not received a reply within 4 hours please try the following:

    * Ensure the email address you are sending to is
    * Use the subject line: Contacting wiggle [and the order number if you have one]
    * In the email use only the text: Please contact me
    * Do not include any attachments
  • keef66
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    Yep, sent them an email about frame size for my height /inside leg, and had a reply the next morning
  • biondino
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    I had a long exchange with them - maybe a dozen emails, all answered within hours - BUT that was after making a £1600 order. However, I think they recognise a large part of their appeal is their approachability and decent customer service, so I'd say most likely you're having spam filter problems (as suggested above). If you haven't got their automated reply, then they haven't got your emails.
  • deal
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    i had a slight problem a few months ago, regarding a friend referral and voucher equal to 10% of there first order. I sent an email and got a quick response requesting further information, sent the requested info, again got a quick response thanking me for providing the information and a little bit later got another email with a voucher code.

    I was pretty impressed, i have made at least two dozen orders with them over the last year and that one minor problem remains the only issue i have had.
  • Rich Hcp
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    I think the sizing and test ride policy is covered on the website, so they may have ignored it because of that.

    Not good business sense though, is it?

    Giving it Large
  • buzz_ig
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    It was a spam filter problem, thanks.

    I was querying their test ride policy because I live outside their free delivery area. It seems I will have to pay to return the bike, or change the size, which makes it not quite so attractive an offer, but still better than being stuck with the wrong bike.