Price of a Langster in the sales?

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Just curious as to what the Specialized Langsters tend to go for in the end of season sales. :?:

Received a heads-up in the post for a 15% off all bikes, clothing and accessories from the Edinburgh Bike Co-operative.

15% off an '08 Langster I make to be £339.99 give or take a bit. Can they usually be had a bit cheaper or is this a bargain? If it is a bargain it comes at rather an unfortunate time. I've not long taken delivery of an Izoard and with 3 bikes in the house at present I think I'm starting to take the piss.

I could perhaps hide it at a mates or the grandparents.


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    it's not bad at £339 - I paid £329 last year - cheapest I ever saw them at - that was cyclesurgery in london and delivered mail order. £339 is a good price though.
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    I paid £360 last August from Evans and that was the cheapest I could get a 61cm for.


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  • if you hold out you might get it for a bit nearer £300 but then you run the risk of not being able to get it in your size.
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    the forum has been inundated with help requests since you nearly all got your sticky little hands on langster frames for £99.