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Ladybower dam

cyberfyncyberfyn Posts: 19
edited June 2008 in Routes
Anyone done it? Recommended?

Looks like a good scenic (easy) day out to me.... Not to many hills :)

Ian F.
06 BMW Enduro.


  • rampaxrampax Posts: 139
    The whole Derwent/Ladybower reservoir area is teeming with mountain bikers.
    The cafe is a big meeting point.
    Its great round there, as you have the dead easy/family routes that run right next to the water, then you have some serious challenging routes when you go "off piste".
    I went on the easy paths with my girlfreind (who is not much of a cyclist) and she really enjoyed it.
    There is also a tiny Dambusters museum located in the turret of the Derwent dam which is great.
    The A6 Hazel Grove - "Always the worst part of any ride".
  • cyberfyncyberfyn Posts: 19
    Cool. We're off there at the weekend. See if these Continental hybrids can cope!

    Ian F.
    06 BMW Enduro.
  • bells0bells0 Posts: 414
    Hey Ian -can u report back on how it was - fancy trying there myself :)
  • cyberfyncyberfyn Posts: 19
    Well I can say route we took is not for the beginner :wink: ... e-475.html

    There is a much easier course that follows the edge of the lake which is perfect for families and beginners though.

    Didn't see much of the scenery through the sweat and mud (Pissed it down on sunday for half an hour) but it was well worth it. And we passed a nice pub for a shandy too!

    06 BMW Enduro.
  • bells0bells0 Posts: 414
    Nice one

    After doin Ilkley Moor yesterday [uber hard with all the bogs] - i fancy a nice easy run round the lake with the girlfriend in tow. May do this coming weekend.

    Maybe save the hard stuff for a trip with my mates when my legs recover.............. :lol:
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