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I've had two inner tubes blow

Rebel IanRebel Ian Posts: 17
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Had a puncture and repaired it yet when I inflated the tyre to full pressure I've found it has blown a hole (not where it was repaired). I've then put a brand new tube in and inflated it and it's blown a similar hole after about 5 minutes.

One tube was the original with the bike (Specialized Allez) and the other is an OEM replacement. Is this just unlucky? I've inflated the front tyre to similar pressure and it's fine.....about 100psi.



  • carl_pcarl_p Posts: 989
    Does the wheel have rim tape fitted? If not it could be the end of a spoke chafing on the tube. Factory wheels usually have a rubber lining which can become twisted and expose the end of a spoke. Wouldn't take much to cause a blow out once the tyre is inflated to full pressure. If you don't want to fit rim tape line the rim with electrical insulation tape instead.

    Failing that check the inside of the tyre for a thorn or something.
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  • LagavulinLagavulin Posts: 1,688
    Where about on the tube is it failing? If its on the inside/rim that suggests your rims might be causing a problem. I had a spate of rimside failures with my DT1850's when I first got them. The supplied plastic tape was rubbish but a couple of roles of Velox sorted that out.

    I did have quite a few failures with Specialized road tubes at the base of the valve. While I've had punctures since, I haven't had failures at the valve with Conti or Vittoria inner tubes to date.
  • Rebel IanRebel Ian Posts: 17
    Thanks. Have just checked and one is against the rim but the other is against the shoulder of the tyre. I can't believe I'm over inflating them at 100psi.
  • MystiqueMystique Posts: 342
    In my experience, Specialized tubes are pants - if they don't fail where the valve joins the tube, they seem to puncture very easily :cry:
  • Rebel IanRebel Ian Posts: 17
    Investigation revelead a hole in the tyre from my original puncture. When I was inflating the tubes to full pressure it was trying to escape via the hole in the tyre hence it was 'blowing'. A new 'Specialized All Condition' tyre is now in place!
  • CyclingBantamCyclingBantam Posts: 1,299
    I had exactly the same problem with my girlfriends bike. I had about 3 tubes blow, each for no apparent reason. It turned out that the tyre was slightly ill fitting for the wheel. It was not too big as such it just was quite loose. When inflating the tyre you need to ensure it is even all the way round. Hope this may help.
  • huggyhuggy Posts: 242
    My specialized tube just 'seemed' to puncture by the rim tape near the valve. Can't say I thought much of those tubes.
  • dennisndennisn Posts: 10,601
    I wouldn't pay to much attention to the so called "bad tubes" theories. Many people
    want to blame something "easy" for these kinds of problems and tubes fit the bill.
    However, it usually ends up being an installation problem, rim tape issue, or a tire
    with something still stuck in it(glass, thorn).

    Dennis Noward
  • hodsgodhodsgod Posts: 226
    I had to replace a tyre recently because I couldn't find the problem, I kept repairing it and it kept going down. The new tyre stopped the problem.
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