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Frame for commute bike

painfully slowpainfully slow Posts: 9
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Hi Chaps,

I'm a daily commuter, 10 miles in and 10 miles out of a large city. I have a blinder of a 1 in 4 hill first thing in the morning. No joking! I currently use a muddy fox (year 1991) courier frame with 26 inch wheels and nice low 26 tooth triple chainring. I carry books and stuff in a pannier and like full mudguards for all year round practicality. Problem is, my frame's really finished now. The derailleur hanger has been re-threaded twice and now two lugs for the brake cables have come off and I'm making do with cable ties. 1991 is a long time ago. My question....does anyone know of a decent steel frame I could chose. I much prefer steel as otherwise I get numb hands. I'll be using flat bars and V brakes and similar gears as above. 26 inch vs 700 doesn't matter too much although the 26 inch wheels take some hammer and this is my preference. Eyes for guards and panniers mandatory. It's for commuting so I'd prefer about £200-300.

I've cross posted this in the know-how section of "road" as I know they have a lot of gear experts there. Hope no-one minds!!

Many thanks. Painful.
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