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Most Exhilarating Ride Plus Near Miss

NWLondonerNWLondoner Posts: 2,047
edited June 2008 in The bottom bracket
This morning I have had the best ride of my life Both my GPS say I did 45 miles but MMR says 43. I'll go with the GPS :D

Not only did I feel 100% confident with my bike but i also felt 100% comfortable with the Central London Rush Hour traffic 8)

Usually I hug the inside lane and yes undertake!! But today I thought sod it. Once i hit Chelsea i was weaving in and out like the best of them. I really felt good.

Only downer was a bloody near miss on the Clerkenwell Road. I was going along at approx. 20 mph when the lights started to change at a junction. I had not enough time to stop safely so I continued and they were still amber as I went through. However some stupid women decided that as soon as the lights went amber it was safe to cross :shock: without looking into the direction of traffic. Thankfully I always anticipate such stupid behaviour so was able to miss them (just). I think a couple of them will need a change of underwear after their reaction. I just shouted some abuse and F words :oops: at them as I passed by.

I am now recovering (slowly)
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