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the great new bike adventure

carbon337carbon337 Posts: 414
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After months of deciding and changing my mind I have finally opted for my new bike and got it on Sunday.

Here was how the story unfolded - this was to upgrade my 2001 Kona Manomano which is slowly disintergrating:

Spec fsr xc comp - tried one (too short top stem) felt funny
Trek fuel EX 6.5 - hated the idea of the older frame design and couldnt afford ex 7
Giant trance 3 - nice ride but put off by toras and weight
Giant trance x3 - nice but too expensive - pushing the budget
Started to think about hardtails - probably more suited to my mostly xc riding and thought I could get better equip for price:
Boardman Comp - couldnt get one I was told by store
Merlin Malt 4 - tried one - vv nice
Rockhopper comp - cant get one - sold out everywhere
Rockhopper Pro - very nice also but pushing the budget back up to £900
Revolution triad 1.0 - nice good spec and cheaper than rockhopper but put off by name

Then on sunday after trying the rockhoopers and revolution I went to a local retail park and nipped into Halfords to have another look at a boardman and maybe a voodoo. Got talking to salesman again who said they had 2 Boardman comps in 18" just come in the day before. He reckoned they would fly out, anyway I ended up getting it on impulse.

So after 3 months of looking around and testing allsorts I ended up getting the first bike I looked at and also the cheapest one of the whole lot I had contemplated, kept the wife happy and I'm happy.

I paid for bike at 3:00 went for bite to eat and they had it ready for me at 5:00 the same day, cant argue with that. I made sure I checked their handywork out properly afterwards though, cant find any Halfrauds screw ups.

PS. I dont have any scales in the house - does anyone know how heavy my Boardman comp is, just for interest!
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