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Had a fall from the bike and have injured my wrist. Had an x-ray the other day and no fracture was visible, but doc said that some fractures on the wrist aren't visible for the first few days.

This was about 5 days ago and wrist is still feeling really tender (for those who know it is around the scaphoid bone -

I only find out definitively if it's fractured when I go back to the docs on Monday, but am starting to think it might be - if it is it means a cast for about 8 weeks, and no cycling this summer!!!!!

Anyone had any similar injuries, how did you first few days go? Would be keen to hear other experiences...


  • I've boinged on both wrists and fractured a couple of the little blighters on one wing and I thought I'd done it on the other wrist when I ended up head first in a hedge (don't ask!).

    A&E nurse said they couldn't tell from the X-ray because of the swelling and had to pop back a couple of days later to fracture clinic. It turned out it was a sprain but it was tender for a week or so.

    OOI when I did fracture a scaphoid - no plaster, just a reinforced wrist brace to restrict movement for a month.

    Good luck!
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    I fractured my scaphoid about 4 years ago falling off over a pothole, aparently it is a very tricky bone to heal due to its strange blood supply, I was in plaster and off work for 9 weeks, then in a wrist brace for a few weeks after that. I hade regular xrays to make sure it healed properly otherwise I would have to be pinned. as for cycling...hmmm I bought a turbo trainer just to keep fit.....big mistake...just think of all that sweat inside the plaster...the amount of dead skin and ...the smell as disgusting when it finally came off
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    I chipped my scaphoid last year in an embarrassing clipless moment type incident.

    I was told exactly the same as you before my x-ray - but my fracture showed up straight away, it was very hard to see - in fact only the doctor could really see it!

    I was 'only' in plaster for 6 weeks. The absolute worst part of the whole healing process was the week after the cast was removed - my wrist was really immobile, painful and tender.
    It was at least a week before I was able to get back on the bike but once I got back on I very quickly got back to normal - took a couple of weeks before I was back to daily commuting.

    It wasn't a pleasant couple of months but mine has healed 100% with no complications. (oh and yes, stinking skin loss, I had that too it's pretty gross!!)
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    It happened to me earlier this year after a spill.
    I was in a wrist splint for 4 weeks before they decided that it was just ligament damage, not a scaphoid fracture.
    Like you, I was convinced for the first week or 2 that it was fractured because of the sharp pain if it moved. I hope you have my luck in that respect.

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  • Thanks for all the advice, it feels a little better, but will probably go back to the hospital on monday to make sure it's not broken.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed - on my right hand anyway....