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Leeds Project

JoshuashawJoshuashaw Posts: 86
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Anyone have any experience with them? Opinions?



  • JoshuashawJoshuashaw Posts: 86
    BUUMP! :wink:
  • its project leeds btw
    and yes i have experience with them
    BAD experience
    i ordered a ns core in early december of 2006 expecting it in feb 07,
    i even payed over the phone for it. :D
    i waited until february and asked when it would arrive.
    i got the answer then and there "in two weeks mate we have just got the shipment number so we are expecting them soon"
    i left it two weeks and called again but dan who was dealing with it was away
    i called every week for two months until i got bored with the same answer" just waiting for suppliers for some components" :roll:
    so i asked for my money back and they said the bike would be ready by the end of the week they did this three weeks in a row.
    i got pissed off with them for blatantly lying so i asked if they would be able to put similar spec components on it so i would actually have a bike to ride.
    they agreed and said it would all be sorted soon
    a week later i phoned them and they said they wernt able to complete the bike so i requested my money back :(
    they paid me my money back and when i called to confirm it had gone into my account they told me they had the exact bike i had originally ordered but i couldnt have it because they where in high demand..... :evil:

  • JoshuashawJoshuashaw Posts: 86
    Just googled it aswell, a old MBUK Forum topic popped up slating Project Leeds & Ride-Central aswell. Really after a Bottlerocket too, either that or the Morewood Mbuzi, although the Bottlerocket is so much more attractive, the colour the Mbuzi frame comes in is horrible in my opinion. The MDE Pusher is an option, I've heard nothing bad about that at all.

    Really so sh!te that the only Transition importer is a poor business man. :(
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