whats it worth

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i know this is similar to my last question but i'm still desperatly trying to get a bike so what do you think of this? what sort of price do you think its worth?

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Giant-TCR-Alloy-R ... 286.c0.m14


  • Ash_
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    Similar specced TCRs went on eBay recently for 317 and 360 quid. I think the spec of the bike you're looking at most resembles the cheaper of the two. So that seems a fair guide in terms of price, although I´d personally want to get it for around the 250-mark.

    It´s one of the older models, with the adjustable stem (I can´t remember when they were phased out, sorry), but not a first generation TCR. Looks like a fairly tidy bike.

    Just one question though - is it the right size for you? Even taking into account the different geometry of the Big Cat you were looking at (we´ll give up on the Raleigh), they seem kind of different.

    Whatever you end up with, it´s got to fit... I suppose the compact frame and adjustable stem would give you a fair bit of flexibility though.
  • giant_man
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    It's not the price you want to be looking at, if it doesn't fit you then it will be a waste of money so make sure it will fit you before bidding for it yes?