Probally a silly question

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that I suspect I already know the answer to :lol:

I have a hybrid which I do a 10 mile round journey commute on.

I have decided to have a crack at C2C so have been and ridden some longer distances
Last night after about 12 mile my wrists started to hurt ( :shock: ) Would raising my bars slightly stop this?



  • heavymental
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    Maybe, but if you have flat bars, maybe something with drops would be better. You have more hand positions available to you then. Or could try some barends if rasing them doesn't help? Obviously thats the cheaper, less faffy option.
  • shazzz
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    Possibly yes, possibly no!
    Without seeing your set up on the bike it's impossible to say. However, you should not feel like there is a lot of weight supported by your hands. If there is, your bars are probally ( :wink:) too low or too far in front.
    Give raising the bars a go and see what happens!
  • If you can't raise the bars, perhaps some elevated bar ends might help. At least they'd give you a different hand position to make use of.
  • Mog Uk
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    You could also try some Ergon grips, very comfy.....
  • chintz
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    thanks all I will try raising the bars and see how I get on


    thanks to shazzz for pointing out my spelling :wink: :oops:
  • Simon Notley
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    Or alternatively, try rotating your bars so that the brake levers point more toward the floor. If they are pointing forward, this can stress your wrist as you have to bend it back to hold the levers.